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Stateful Storage Pallet

The Stateful Storage pallet provides functionality for reading and writing stateful data representing stateful data for which we are only ever interested in the latest state.


For state transitions for which we only care about the latest state, Stateful Storage provides a way to store and retrieve such data outside of the existing Announcement mechanism, which would require the latest state to be tracked using some kind of 3rd-party indexer.

This pallet supports two models for storing stateful data:

  1. Itemized: Data is stored in a single page (max size: Config::MaxItemizedPageSizeBytes) containing multiple items (max item size MaxItemizedBlobSizeBytes) of the associated schema. Useful for schemas with a relative small item size and higher potential item count. The read and write complexity is O(n) when n is the number of bytes for all items.
  2. Paginated: Data is stored in multiple pages of size Config::MaxPaginatedPageSizeBytes, each containing a single item of the associated schema. Page IDs range from 0 .. MaxPaginatedPageId (implying there may be at most MaxPaginatedPageId + 1 pages per MSA+Schema at any given time, though there may be holes in that range). Useful for schemas with a larger item size and smaller potential item count.


  • Provide for storage of stateful data with flexible schemas on-chain.
  • Data stored for one MSA does not have impact read/write access times or storage costs for any data stored for another MSA.
  • High write throughput.
  • High read throughput.
  • Data race condition protection

The Stateful Storage pallet provides functions for:

  • Appending items in an itemized model
  • Removing items in an itemized model
  • Upserting items in a paginated model
  • Removing pages in a paginated model


  • Page: Block of on-chain data of a fixed size, which is the underlying type for Itemized and Paginated storage.
  • ItemizedPage: A page containing itemized data
  • PaginatedPage: A page containing paginated data



  • The module that hosts all the FRAME types needed to add this pallet to a runtime.
  • Types for the Stateful Storage Pallet
  • Autogenerated weights for pallet_stateful_storage